Problems accurately identified, contextually defined and expertly solved.

Marketing. Managed.

Never before in history have marketing departments had as much data about their customers. Nor have they had as many tools with which to ensure maximum salience, relevance and precise targeting. And yet marketing effectiveness isn’t improving. In fact, it has been in a steady decline in the vast majority of categories for almost a decade.

Put plainly, a lot of money is being funneled into areas where even extraordinarily successful performance ends up having minimal impact on overall results. It is strategically, not to mention financially, both inefficient and ineffective.

Some have labelled us boring because we focus on such marketing management matters. They would rather speak of brand love and MilleXZials. We prefer terms like P&L. They promote shortcuts and hacks. We provide sustainable, scalable growth. They propose solutions that primarily are good for themselves. We identify the root business problem, to come up with the best solution for the client.

It may be boring, but it makes money, saves money and is why we are internationally renowned for our strategic expertise.

We are Rouser and we are proud to be boringly effective.

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Marketing Strategy

Increasing growth, sales and profit.

Marketing Effectiveness Frameworks

Managing short and long, locally and globally.

Brand Strategy

Mental and physical availability.

Marketing Management

A process in its entirety.

Media Strategy

Balancing effectiveness and efficiency.

Decision-Making Unit Support

Insurance against disappointment.

The Un-Agency Unbound

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Hedonic Models in Strategy

June 13, 2019

  The Decision is Yours. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we make a large part of our decisions using mental models. In some instances, such as the simple problems of the mundane, choice is made without much thought. Complex strategic issues, on the other hand, require careful consideration. Unfortunately, we are cognitive misers. As a result,…

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Thoughts on Strategy

December 18, 2018

  Choose a Path. On the journey to commercial success, strategic choice defines both the pathway to take and, as a result, the roads not to be traveled. Subsequent tactics make up the means with which we are to get to where we are headed – the shoes on our feet or the horse in…

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The Necessity of a Marketing Effectiveness Framework

September 13, 2018

  Chief Executive at international strategic consultancy Rouser, JP Hanson, talks about the pitfalls that organisations trying to measure their marketing effectiveness face, and argues for a strategic and structured approach to avoid them.   In The Kingdom of God is Within You, Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy wrote that “the most difficult subjects can…

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