The Brand is Everything

Growing Brands Intelligently

Brands are unique. Each has its own system, strengths and weaknesses, but share one commonality – they are the opposites of generic. What separates them from their unbranded commodity counterparts and gives them their equity is the sum total of perceptions, feelings and associations across all touchpoints in the mind of the stakeholder. Put plainly, the brand is everything.

In order to grow one’s brand intelligently, one first has to define its genetics. The complexity of this DNA lies in its simplicity – a clear, precise, memorable and to-the-point positioning that ensures relevance and resonance. Tended to properly, it grows value share, market share and profit. At Rouser, we provide the services that make the difference. Strategies first, tactics later. Brand always.

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Service Portfolio

Brand Management

A process in its entirety.

Brand Strategy

Mental and physical availability.

Brand Tracking

The ultimate sign of brand competence.

Marketing Strategy

Increasing growth, sales and profit.

Decision-Making Unit Support

Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.


Q1-Q2 2018

JP Hanson public speaking


Rouser CEO JP Hanson, never one to mince his words or shy away from controversy, will be continuing his international speaking in 2018. With several upcoming keynote commitments from all corners of the planet already in the calendar, now is the time to enquire about availability. If you are looking for an experienced speaker on branding, marketing, innovation or critical thinking guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, make your audience sit up straight and see the world differently, don’t wait.

For further information, references, video or just an introductory conversation, don’t hesitate to send JP an e-mail.

The Discussion Podcast


This ambitious new project featuring Rouser CEO JP Hanson and a remarkable line of world-class guests aims to be the next brightly shining star on the podcast sky. Each episode will feature one guest with extensive experience and unique insights, in-depth conversations about marketing and actionable advice.

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Putting the new in newsletter


The idea behind the Rouser newsletter has always been to provide value for the subscribers. Now we driving the point home even more strongly with monthly high-quality updates on the latest research, industry trends and most important news items. In short, everything that you need to stay ahead of the game and nothing that isn’t worth reading.

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A Head Start, Please!

In a dangerously tactified marketing climate, many agencies ignore the fact that the best marketing mix completely depends on the strategic objectives. We are not an agency. We do not.

Rouser is a strategic consultancy that always has the client’s best interest in mind. We are driven by what’s best for both the short- and the long-term, and are at the forefront of how to balance activation and brand building. Traditionally as well as digitally.

Put plainly, we know what it takes to grow brands consistently and gain market share with effectiveness and efficiency.

-JP Hanson, CEO Rouser

On All Things Brand

The Official Rouser Blog

Under Pressure

June 21, 2018

  On Clichés, Cannes and Complexity. Pick your cliché. “Business is moving at a much faster pace than ever before.” “Marketing has been disrupted.” “Consumers want purpose-driven, personal experiences.” There are plenty of them making the rounds, though it seems platitudes are presently particularly plentiful as the supposed marketing cognoscenti have landed upon les Alpes-Maritimes…

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Media in Focus

April 18, 2018

  Research: Binet and Field on marketing effectiveness. Les Binet and Peter Field recently co-authored a study for Effworks in association with Google, ThinkBox and IPA, delving into media choices and marketing effectiveness in the digital era. Here are the key takeaways.   On young people and social media. Much like our own JP Hanson,…

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