Strategy first, tactics later. Brand always.

We are Rouser and this is what we do.


Rouser is an international strategic consultancy firm originally founded in Stockholm, Sweden, that specializes in brand growing aspects of business strategies, primarily pertaining to marketing.

Much too frequently today, implemented strategies turn out not to be strategies, but, at best, tactical plans. One of the most troublesome developments, particularly in modern marketing, is the perpetual confusion between strategy and tactics as if they were each other’s synonyms. As a result, marketers lose sight of the bigger picture, instead zooming in on minutiae that may or may not be of much use to the wider business. It is akin to trying to build an apartment block without an architectural plan, but a hammer, a couple of nails and a vague idea of the concept of housing.

Strategy is, in essence, a framework that provides guidance for critical choices and actions to be taken to achieve an end, or to put it differently, it defines where one plays to win, how one is going to win where one plays and what will enable the win. Our strategic process includes:

  • 1

    Research & Diagnostics

    Strategies are built on insights. Research and diagnostics provide a systematic and objective search for, and analysis of, internal and external processes as well as market behaviors.

  • 2


    Priorities, fundamental segmentation, reach definition, positioning and objectives with the brand as a guiding star to increase demand, share of wallet and growth. Media neutral, unbiased and driven by both short- and long term results.

  • 3


    The helix of brand genetics imbued into products, services, prices, innovation, distribution, communication and everything else that we do, internally and externally. Consistent to the brand, transcending the category.

  • 4

    Analysis & Evaluation

    Evaluation of tactical performance, brand tracking and equity data. Awareness, image, positives and negatives, relative to the previous stages of the process.

The process enables us to define, align, develop, manage and track brands to create stability, relevancy, demand and growth. Put differently, it creates mental and physical availability and, most importantly, makes money for our clients. Not just today, but tomorrow and the days to come after that. It sets the brand up for success.

As such, it a large part of why global, award-winning companies with rapid growth rates and iconic, mature businesses alike trust us to help them make their brands better, not just bigger.


We are Rouser, the un-agency, and our process will build the foundation you need today to get you to where you want to be tomorrow.
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