An exposition of the modern marketing climate and a proposal for how to get marketing back to the boardroom.

One of the most destructive trends in marketing at the moment is what has been referred to as its tactification. At an alarming rate, marketers working both brand and agency side ignore wider strategy in favour of tactics that often have little to no connection to neither the brand positioning nor the overall business objectives. As a result, marketing effectiveness is down, short-termism is up and marketers struggle to complete their core task – to increase growth, profits and sales for their brands or clients. What can be done to remedy the issues?

In the Rouser Manifesto, we take an annual look at the current marketing climate, break down the key challenges that we identify and suggest solutions. The Manifesto contains three sections:

  1. Strategy First – Defining strategy and the importance of a wider business context.
  2. Tactics Later – Breaking down tactical choices and the balance between short-term activation and long-term brand building for maximum commercial effectiveness.
  3. Brand Always – Modelling brand and its use for business.

Within these chapters, the 2019 Manifesto also details matters such as strategic risk management, decision-making, marketing effectiveness frameworks and potential uses for brand purpose.

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